10 American Animals That Can Kill You

Animal lovers Beware. From tamest to deadliest, here’s America’s 10 most dangerous animal killers. Whatever you do, don’t get too close. 10. The Grizzly Bear The real version of the “teddy bear” is not as cute and cuddly as little children would like to think. Roaming some of America’s most scenic areas, the Grizzly Bear […]

How to trim your dog’s fur

No matter what pet you have, you should spend a lot of time to take care of it properly. Before to decide to adopt a pet a cat or a dog, you should carry out a little research to find out the basic rules of pet hygiene. If you have a dog, you need to […]

The Alaska Flat Tire?

Did you ever wondered how flat tire on Alaska look? After a hard working day, sled dogs ask for a little break on this funny way. They will protest until they are ready for spring again…

Is Going Green Going to the Dogs?

You know what the dog food industry makes annually?  Right around $11 billion!  That’s every, single year.  They don’t make that kind of money, sadly, by pounding out tons of healthy packages of kibble and canned foods, either.  Yes, of course there are those companies that do manufacture healthy products, for our pets and that […]

Face to Face With Dangerous Predators

Mangini Adalberto & Laura Bongioni are perhaps the most fearless animal lovers. The couple quietly walking in the company of wild animals kept in the center Mukini Big 5. In Zambia, East Africa, the reserve is inhabited by animals that are threatened with extinction – lions and cheetahs.  Cheetahs looks noticeably different from other members […]

How to Take Care of Diabetes Dog

Diabetic dog treatment needs to include common exercises for dogs so you can reach ideal health. Applying a proper and well-balanced diet and a good physical exercise routine you could manage to successfully handle the diabetic dog’s health. It’s crucial for any dog with diabetic problems to have frequent exercise for these reasons: Bodyweight Control […]