Face to Face With Dangerous Predators

Mangini Adalberto & Laura Bongioni are perhaps the most fearless animal lovers. The couple quietly walking in the company of wild animals kept in the center Mukini Big 5. In Zambia, East Africa, the reserve is inhabited by animals that are threatened with extinction – lions and cheetahs.  Cheetahs looks noticeably different from other members […]

White Bengal Tiger Triplets

White Bengal tigers are found in nature is rare: only one out of 10 000 white Bengal tigers born. In July, the zoo Bohemian town of Liberec was born at once three white tiger cubs. Was a competition for the name for one of the pups. Zoo management chooses five euphonious names of more than 2,200 proposed. These are […]

Boy With Reptiles

Greg Parker – the owner of a small zoo Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia. His year-old son Charlie loves animals. Surprising is that the child chose his friends boa Pablo.   1. Charlie Parker called the youngest Ranger Australia. He – one of the most famous children in Australia. Soon, he can safely compete in popularity with his daughter […]

White Tigers

Our selection is devoted to a very rare sight Bengal tiger – or rather, its recessive mutant – the white tiger, which occurs in Assam, Bengal and Bihar. These tigers are usually larger and more representative than their counterparts.    

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

In all animals, pictures of which you’ll see in our present collection, there are two things in common: firstly, they are absolutely adorable, and secondly, they can really ruin your mood. Because, believe it or not, but they can be very dangerous. Laurie. What’s adorable, is not it? But do not trust this misleading touching! […]