Doggies Before And After

These are the pictures of the doggies when they were puppies and when they grew up. One thing is clear, all dogs are insanely cute when they are puppies. These are some really cute dog photos, just because you can see puppy photos and then adult dog photos. You must say, these are some really great dog news, so, we hope you are going to love it! Enjoy!




  1. Stutz says

    Only the last two of those are as cute as they were as puppies. The rest are huge ugly beasts. Why do people like big dogs? My two 30-pound mutts are the perfect size for cuddling and being adorable, plus they’re just big, strong, and fast enough to be awesome. And they’re definitely (almost) as cute as they were as pups.

  2. says

    I wonder how a Landseer puppy can grow up to an adult Newfoundland, but hey, who cares, it’s an original idea and some great dog pictures…

  3. Vickie says

    The “Before and After” dog pictures are very cute. However, it would be beneficial if the breed were listed so viewers could see what type of dog they were looking at. This would be especially beneficial if someone were looking to adopt a puppy — before they brought him home!

  4. kori says

    I am so glad you put these up. My puppy is only nine months and I dont know what she will look like grown up because she is a very odd and rare breed.

  5. Sally says

    Thank you for the pleasing pictures. It helps balance the average day’s news.
    I could look at dog pictures like these all day.

  6. meg says

    i want that english mastiff puppy. so beautiful!! thank you for these photos — they really made my day!

  7. says

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