Among The Giants: The Life Of A Whale

The researcher and wildlife photographer Charles “Flip” Nicklin spent 30 years doing documenting the behavior of whales. 62-year-old native of Alaska, has just published a new book called “Among Giants: The Life of a whale.” He said: “The southern right whales have this strange habit – for some time tail sticking out of the water and so die. We still do not know for sure why they do it – maybe it’s just a way to give extra warmth when the wind blows them. “

Charles “Flip” Nicklin began to do research of whales as early as when he was the journalist, before I started working a marine biologist and has initiated its own investigation. He said: “The human mind has changed many times on the whales for the time that I have studied them. When people first saw the whale, they decided that it was some kind of terrible monsters. When people realized that in fact they are not for us, and we present a danger to them, our view has changed completely … Now we can appreciate how smart they are and interesting. That’s what I tried to convey in his book, talk about their personal experiences with them. “In the photograph: humpback whale meal. Gulls circling around, waiting for them and something perepadet. Picture taken off the coast of Massachusetts.

Charles “Flip” Nicklin visited by at least 20 countries and has traveled to all the world’s oceans, taking movies on the giant mammals. The photo: Jason Stargis researcher and a female humpback whale with kitenkom, photo was taken off the coast of Maui, Hawaii.