Moms In The Wild

Mom – the first being in everyone’s life. Including in the life of fauna. How touching to observe the care of mothers over their calves. Collected here are better pictures of mothers and their cubs, made ??a variety of photographers – both pros and amateurs alike.

Lioness with cub, the national reserve Pilanesberg, South Africa. Photographer Gabriela Staebler: “This once used as pasture farmland has become a real sanctuary. Thanks to “Operation Genesis” about 7000 animals were moved to new reserves. In this photo the lion rubs against her mother’s neck, begging for milk. (Gabriela Staebler, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Deer in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Deer jumps onto the back of the mother to better consider who it was coming down the hill. (Wil Hershberger, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Bald Eagle, Katmai, Alaska. Comment photographer John Hunter: “I ??hid on a nearby cliff to make this a touching picture of mother, feeding her chicks. ” (John Hunter, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Virganskaya owl in Richlande, Washington. Returning to the nest every night for several weeks, photographer Kirk J. Cantrell was able to seize the moment and take a picture of this young Sovenko, peering out from under the feathers of his mother. (Kirk Cantrell, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Mama cheetah and cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Austrian photographer Eberhard Brunner patiently waited in Kenya to make this shot the female cheetah, guarding their young. (Eberhard Brunner, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Polar bears Vapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada. Comment photographer Linda Drake: “I ??went to Vapusk to remove the cubs are selected from the den with her ??mother. This bear was riding on the back of his mother, buried her in the fur, but when the bear stopped at this tree, the kid raised his head and looked in my direction. “(Linda Drake, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Baboons in the Selinda Reserve, Botswana. Comment photographer Adrian Beeyli: “I found a family of baboons, happily courted each other on the island of palm trees. I underexposed the photo to one frame to capture a golden background. (Adrian Bailey, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Cubs in the reserve Serengeti, Tanzania. Mischievous cubs tease his mother, biting its tail. (Dee Ann Pederson, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Red-buzzard, Long Island, New York. Photographer Emily Pfeiffer: “I ??saw this amazing view from the hill and was able to capture a clearing in the foliage. I will never forget the feeling I experienced when I saw this mother and her nine-day chicks. “(Emily Pfeifer, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Elephants in Corbett National Park, India. Says photographer Yagdip Rajput: “Always nice to see how such a huge animal like an elephant cares and protects her cub. Predator is almost impossible to attack the elephant, while his guards a barricade legs and trunk. (Jagdeep Rajput, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Mountain gorillas, national parks in Rwanda. This photo is a small mountain gorillas, sucking his finger to his mother, gives both the vulnerability and quiet. The fate of this amazing animal in our hands. (Rita Summers, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Polar bears in the park natsioanlnom Vapusk, Manitoba, Canada. Photographer Howard Ruby: “One of the main reasons why people are so like polar bears, it is particularly tender relationship between mother and cub. (Howard Ruby, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Brown Bears Lake Clark, Alaska. Photographer Rick Rasmussen: “The rain was falling, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to photograph this bear and her cub. Curious kid looked out from behind his mother and I made ??a picture. “(Rick Rasnussen, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)

Sea lions, the island of Hispaniola, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. “I crawled in the sand, trying to choose a suitable angle for the shot, when suddenly I saw this scene. Shoot was difficult because of the constantly changing light conditions and movements of sea lions “- the photographer says 15-year-old Eddie Schermerhorn. It may be noted that this photo is very popular with buyers in the shops that sell T-shirts and T-shirts with photos of your favorite animals. (Eddie Schermerhorn, Nature’s Best Photography Awards)