Park Birds And Reptiles In Bali

Learn-to-user irina-marmi visited the park birds and reptiles in Bali. The park birds collected not only from Bali or Indonesia, but also from around the world, some of them walking across the lawn and can safely be photographed with them.

Park turned out to be quite small, but nice to walk on it without even looking at the rain. Although the rain was even works for us, because Disbanded tourists :)

Bird of Paradise. I really do themselves differently represented the bird of paradise … All this colorful and with an angelic glow, yeah :)

A second later my mother came running and gave the pope on the head, because let a parrot to a child, because you never know what …

And, you can decorate yourself with bright unusual accessory :) No, they have not obgadili. But yonder greenbacks tried very hard and still bites off some wooden beads from my topic.