Piglet And Dog Pets

Enduring initimate couple. A harmonious relationship. The Pig is sympathetic, warm and friendly while the Dog is honest and upright. Neither have a strong character and therefore can tolerate each other’s shortcomings easily. This is a love match filled with happiness. A Dog person is loyal, honest and affectionate and deep sense of justive and fair play. They are willing to fight for principles. A Dog person has great respect for tradition, moral and are very honest and straitforward. They are warm and good active workers. A Dog person is also intelligent, intuitive a good listener and have good judgement.

A Pig person is open, straight forward, and simple. They do not know how to be devious or underhand but are frank and honest and trustworthy. They take initiative are diligent, calm, understanding and gallant.  A Pig person is tolerant and avoids disputes. They are peace-loving, enjoy the good things in life but are not over-indulgent.