7 Amazing Amphibians

Amphibians are the beautiful residents of Mother Nature’s wildlife garden. They have adapted to living both in the water and on land. A great supporter of environmental health, amphibians play the roles of both predator and the prey. These friendly creatures are the earliest known tetrapods. Let us meet some of these amazing amphibians.

7 Amazing Amphibians1 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians2 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians3 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians4 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians5 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians6 7 Amazing Amphibians

7 Amazing Amphibians7 7 Amazing Amphibians

The fire salamander is the best known salamander species in Europe and comes in a striking color combination of black and yellow with various stripes and dots. Native to damp and cool woods, these secretive creatures are nocturnal and spend most of their daytime hidden.

There have been more than 550 known species of newts and salamanders discovered so far. Amphibians play a very important role in maintaining environmental health as biological pest controllers. They also have a significant role in the food chain. In recent years, there has been a decline in their population, and more than 100 species have become extinct since 1980. Also, habitat destruction, global warming and pollution are key factors that are making them vulnerable and endangered. We must not overlook their conservation status and work towards saving their natural habitat.