Dogs And Frisbee

Photographer Trevor Gregg made ??an amusing series of photos of dogs catching frisbee. Pictures were taken at the dog show, catching flying discs at the annual Bowserfest in Dunedin, Florida. Some dogs can jump 6 feet in height and land on his feet like a cat.

Dogs And Frisbee1 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee2 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee3 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee4 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee5 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee6 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee7 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee8 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee9 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee10 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee11 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee12 Dogs And Frisbee

Dogs And Frisbee13 Dogs And Frisbee

Animal Hugs

Warm pictures of animals that will warm your soul in the winter cold evenings. Push to your sweetheart as gently as these animals in these photos. And, now we know for sure that animals can feel love, and be loved. Take a look at these wonderful animals, and enjoy!

Animal Hugs14 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs13 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs12 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs11 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs10 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs9 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs8 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs7 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs6 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs5 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs4 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs3 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs2 Animal Hugs

Animal Hugs1 Animal Hugs

World’s Strangest Animals

There are so many different kinds of animals, that no one knows the exact number. So far, people have discovered very big number of them, but, so many animals has left to be a puzzle. Here is some really strange and bizarre animals, that i bet you never seen before. If you did, take a look again, because, these are some really special species.

Shishamo Makropinna (fish with a clear head)

Strange Animals1 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals2 Worlds Strangest Animals

Spotted Couscous

Strange Animals3 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals4 Worlds Strangest Animals

Hellish Vampire

Strange Animals5 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals6 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals7 Worlds Strangest Animals

Palm Thief

Strange Animals8 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals9 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals10 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals11 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals12 Worlds Strangest Animals


Strange Animals13 Worlds Strangest Animals

Angora rabbit

Strange Animals14 Worlds Strangest Animals

Barchan cat

Strange Animals15 Worlds Strangest Animals

Promoting Animals

People are always imagine successful with some girls in it, but, there is some new news in animal world – you were wrong! Successful ads can also be with animals. There are some really interesting campaigns who hired really cute and interesting animals to be lead actors in it. Hope you are going to love these ads, because, this is some really cool animal news! Take a look at these animal photos.

Promoting Animals1 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals2 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals3 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals4 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals5 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals6 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals7 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals8 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals9 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals10 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals11 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals12 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals13 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals14 Promoting Animals

Promoting Animals15 Promoting Animals


Bird Park In Bali

Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits to that of showcasing mixed species in their natural habitats & in large walk in Aviaries and free range throughout the park. The park accommodates an amazing display of flora with more then 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palms alone and attracting numerous butterflies. Incorporating a breeding, research and veterinary facility within the complex, the park has a high success rate in the captive reproduction of exotic birds such as the Bird. of Paradise and Hornbill.
Park Birds Bali1 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali2 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali3 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali4 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali5 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali6 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali7 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali8 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali9 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali10 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali11 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali12 Bird Park In Bali
Park Birds Bali13 Bird Park In Bali

Shelter For Abandoned Elephants


There are so many animals that are abandoned by their mothers, and it’s so sad when you see it.¬† Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, caring for African elephantas, that are abandoned, and it’s so nice to see that these animals are still protected from cruel laws of nature. Some really great animal news for abandoned baby animals!

Abandoned Elephants1 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

1. Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, protect elephant Shukur from rain and cold here so here is improvised raincoat.

Abandoned Elephants2 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

2. During a morning walk elephant older fall to the ground, inviting friends to play junior.

Abandoned Elephants3 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

3. Elephant Vasin two weeks old.

Abandoned Elephants4 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

4. Every three hours elephants are fed a special milk substitutes, whose composition has been developed over decades.

Abandoned Elephants5 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

5. Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, during an evening stroll. In 1987, Sheldrick was the first who came out left without a mother African elephant.

Abandoned Elephants6 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

6. Elephants in Tsavo National Park in the mountains Mitumba.

Abandoned Elephants7 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

7. Elephants in mud baths in Tsavo National Park. Mud baths are extremely important for these animals, because they help protect them from overheating and to cleanse the skin from parasites.

Abandoned Elephants81 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

8. Emily – the orphaned baby elephant who lives now in a herd of 22 of these comrades in misfortune. Poachers injured her arm in the rear leg, and veterinarians have the necessary assistance to elephant.

Abandoned Elephants9 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

9. Emily is now 17 years old and she is the head of his flock. The photo next to it – Joseph Sauna, the veterinarian who removed the jammed her foot into an arrow. Sauna tells us that elephants are often reared in captivity, but was later released to freedom, returned to the person if they need help or to demonstrate to their young.

Abandoned Elephants10 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

10. This two-year baby elephant died soon after fell into the support center named David Sheldrick elephant calves. Elephants are hard to adapt to captivity, being away from family, says the center staff member Angela Sheldrick.

Abandoned Elephants11 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants



Shark Shepherd

52-year-old Jim Abernethy from Florida 35 years of his life was spent next to the largest and most dangerous sharks in the world. Some sharks even followed at his heels like a dog. Jim used his relationship with the sharks in order to take photos of predators in their natural habitat in the Bahamas, Mexico and South Africa, and published a book with your photos – “Shark near.”

Shark Shepherd1 Shark Shepherd

1. All photos were taken during the past 10 years. Jim spends an average of 320 days a year, close to the sharks.

Shark Shepherd2 Shark Shepherd

2. This photograph shows sharp teeth shark on the surface, the coast of Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Shark Shepherd3 Shark Shepherd

3. “I spend 11 months on board the ship and another month in Nature,” explains Jim. “I have no life … no kids and wife, no nothing. Over the past 20 years, my life is just to shoot video and take photos of sharks. “

Shark Shepherd4 Shark Shepherd

4. Every day, Jim dives from the ship and swim with the sharks on 5-6 hours a day, making pictures and serving as a conduit for their clients.

Shark Shepherd5 Shark Shepherd

5. He even has a flying boat, called Oversear, which is a modification of ultralight aircraft with a boat instead of wheels. Jim uses Oversear to take off from the surface of the ocean and take pictures of underwater animals from the air.

Shark Shepherd6 Shark Shepherd

6. Photo jamb  gray shark was taken from a flying boat off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

Shark Shepherd7 Shark Shepherd

7. Jim makes his living by renting a boat to hire a professional wildlife photographer and television groups. All of them hope to look at the most powerful predator of the ocean thanks to Jim’s close relationship with some of the sharks, who recognize him at first sight.

Shark Shepherd8 Shark Shepherd

8. One friendly tiger shark 15 feet long, nicknamed Emma Welcomes Jim, We swim directly to it, so that he patted her head and tickled her stomach.

Shark Shepherd9 Shark Shepherd

9. Carnivorous shark circling near sharp teeth leg of Jim’s so close that most people would have been just a horror.

Shark Shepherd10 Shark Shepherd

10. Tiger shark and shark sharp teeth near the coast of Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Shark Shepherd11 Shark Shepherd

11. One day Jim was inside one of the sharks. His mouth was sucked into a whale shark, when he photographed her. Jim somehow caught on her lips, allowing him to stay alive.

Shark Shepherd12 Shark Shepherd

12. Jim began to swim with sharks at the age of nine, when grown on a tranquil island Singer, off the coast of Florida. For 12 years he was the Harpoon and regularly dived under the water, which competed with the sharks for food. In the photo: Great white shark off the coast of Guadalupe, Mexico.

Shark Shepherd13 Shark Shepherd

13. “I’ve always been afraid of sharks, but soon realized that if we treat them with respect, they will respond positively. So, I changed my attitude to these predators, “said Jim. “I took my camera and started filming their behavior. I never picked up the harpoon. “

Shark Shepherd14 Shark Shepherd

14. “On average, only four people a year die from shark attacks worldwide. For comparison: 50 – 60 people die each year from dog attacks. And that’s just in the U.S.. “

Shark Shepherd15 Shark Shepherd

15. Jim decided to write his book to tell the children how important contribution to make the sharks in the ecosystem of the oceans. As the main predators, they regulate the amount of other marine animals and help maintain the delicate balance necessary for the health of the ocean.


Cute Cats Moments

In every cat owner’s life, there are some really cute and adorable moments with their cats. For our joy, some owners grab their cameras quickly, and record every single cute moment. I think every cat owner would agree with me if i say that cats is the most adorable pets in the whole world! These are some really great cat photos, and kittens photos, but, if you are new in all this, and if you are just got your sweet kittens, these are some really awesome news for you. So, new owners, make sure your camera is just near by, because, there will be a lots of cute moments with your new family member!

Cute Cats Moments1 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments2 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments3 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments4 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments5 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments6 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments7 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments8 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments9 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments10 Cute Cats Moments

Cute Cats Moments11 Cute Cats Moments

World’s Rarest Birds

In this collection of photos you’ll see the rarest birds in the world. Pictures were taken by photographers who traveled to the most remote places on earth and spent many hours behind the lens, trying to find his victim for photo. All of them have taken their rightful place in international competition. During the competition was sent more than 566 photographs the most rare birds in the world.

Rare Birds1 Worlds Rarest Birds

1. In the photo shows a kakapo, the author – Shane McInnes, this picture has won in the category “Birds threatened or endangered birds in the wild.”

Rare Birds2 Worlds Rarest Birds

2. Second place in the same category took Savio Freire Bruno, with a fascinating picture of Brazilian goosander with ducklings.

Rare Birds3 Worlds Rarest Birds

3. In third place with David Boyle fantastic way frigates in flight from Christmas Island.

Rare Birds4 Worlds Rarest Birds

4. Fourth place was forest owl Dr. Joshua K. Joshi, reserve Melghat Tiger, Maharashtra, India.

Rare Birds5 Worlds Rarest Birds

5. 5th place in the same category of rare and endangered birds were given scorching (male) authorship Eric VAnderVerfa, Hawaii.

Rare Birds6 Worlds Rarest Birds

6. Honduran emerald from Robert Hyman, Valley of Rio Aqua, Pollidzhino, Honduras.

Rare Birds7 Worlds Rarest Birds

7. Winner in the category of “Endangered and rare birds” – Quan Ming Li from China with a nice photo of Asian ibis in flight.

Rare Birds8 Worlds Rarest Birds

8. Second place was given to San Huatszin with photo red crowned crane from East Asia.

Rare Birds9 Worlds Rarest Birds

9. In third place was Daniel Rosengren beautifully with a hummingbird from Peru.

Rare Birds10 Worlds Rarest Birds

10. 4th place in the Great Indian Bustard, which is photographed by Csaba Barkosti, the Great Indian Desert, India.

Rare Birds11 Worlds Rarest Birds

11. 5th place was awarded to Martin Hale scaly merganser, Jiangxi, China.

Rare Birds12 Worlds Rarest Birds

12. The winner in the category of “Endangered and migratory wild birds,” acknowledged David Boyle, a touching way couples orange belly parrot from Tasmania.

Rare Birds13 Worlds Rarest Birds

13. Second place in this category took the wood ibis by Adam Riley, Tamra, Morocco.