Dogs And Frisbee

Photographer Trevor Gregg made ??an amusing series of photos of dogs catching frisbee. Pictures were taken at the dog show, catching flying discs at the annual Bowserfest in Dunedin, Florida. Some dogs can jump 6 feet in height and land on his feet like a cat.

Animal Hugs

Warm pictures of animals that will warm your soul in the winter cold evenings. Push to your sweetheart as gently as these animals in these photos. And, now we know for sure that animals can feel love, and be loved. Take a look at these wonderful animals, and enjoy!

World’s Strangest Animals

There are so many different kinds of animals, that no one knows the exact number. So far, people have discovered very big number of them, but, so many animals has left to be a puzzle. Here is some really strange and bizarre animals, that i bet you never seen before. If you did, take a […]

Promoting Animals

People are always imagine successful with some girls in it, but, there is some new news in animal world – you were wrong! Successful ads can also be with animals. There are some really interesting campaigns who hired really cute and interesting animals to be lead actors in it. Hope you are going to love […]

Bird Park In Bali

Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and […]

Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

  There are so many animals that are abandoned by their mothers, and it’s so sad when you see it.  Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, caring for African elephantas, that are abandoned, and it’s so nice to see that these animals are still protected from cruel laws of nature. Some […]

Shark Shepherd

52-year-old Jim Abernethy from Florida 35 years of his life was spent next to the largest and most dangerous sharks in the world. Some sharks even followed at his heels like a dog. Jim used his relationship with the sharks in order to take photos of predators in their natural habitat in the Bahamas, Mexico […]

Cute Cats Moments

In every cat owner’s life, there are some really cute and adorable moments with their cats. For our joy, some owners grab their cameras quickly, and record every single cute moment. I think every cat owner would agree with me if i say that cats is the most adorable pets in the whole world! These […]

World’s Rarest Birds

In this collection of photos you’ll see the rarest birds in the world. Pictures were taken by photographers who traveled to the most remote places on earth and spent many hours behind the lens, trying to find his victim for photo. All of them have taken their rightful place in international competition. During the competition […]

Dog’s Life In The Center Of The City

We offer you the story of Mel Melkon represented in photographs, on the two dogs living in downtown Los Angeles. From the author: “Dogs are always of interest to photographers. They are funny and unpredictable. For years I shot their mischievous affectation. A couple of months ago I was working on an article about the […]

Animal World Through National Geographic

The National Geographic Society (NGS), headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the United States, is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of world culture and history. The National Geographic Society’s logo is […]

Among The Giants: The Life Of A Whale

The researcher and wildlife photographer Charles “Flip” Nicklin spent 30 years doing documenting the behavior of whales. 62-year-old native of Alaska, has just published a new book called “Among Giants: The Life of a whale.” He said: “The southern right whales have this strange habit – for some time tail sticking out of the water […]

British Sea Animals

Poisonous sea snails, jellyfish, and aggressive Fighting Fish – all you can see on the pages of the book, Paul Naylor, “British Sea animals,” which tells about the underwater life. The book is reprinted for the third time. Author of the book – the photographer Naylor – I wanted to show us the unusual behavior […]

Animal Love

Animals care about each other, not less then people. They are characterized by tenderness and caring, affection, and even a kind of love. This collection of animals from National Geographic will prove it to you. Take a look at these amazing animal news, ans pets news.

Stunning Sequential Photos

These amazing sequential photos were taken by photographer Kim Taylor. He loves animals and his photos of insects, rodents, and birds in motion show a tremendous amount of detail. The special photographic technique of capturing everything from a squirrel’s tail flickering to a bird’s wing beating as they leap through the air, is known as […]

Amazing Underwater Zoo Creatures

Limbe Strait – underwater zoo amazing creatures about. Sulawesi, Indonesia (Lembeh Strait – Underwater critter zoo, Indonesia) For divers, Indonesia – a kind of a unique region. That greater number of resorts and safari vessels, routes and areas for diving in no region of the world, it is understandable, the largest archipelago, and even the […]

Ferrets Are Having Fun

Not living in the wild nature, we are forced to not-see some things that animals are doing. Well, it is just a question of believing, but i truly believe that as soon as we turn our backs to the wild nature animals they are doing stuff that is totally crazy! Well, maybe in a fairy […]

Best Photos of National Geographic in July

National Geographic is one of the kind for sure. You cannot beat that. They always had amazing animal photos, awesome animal news, and everything you wanna know about the nature and animals. So, that is a reason we selected the best National Geographic for July. Hope you are going to love it. Enjoy Elephants, Kenya. […]