Shelter For Abandoned Elephants


There are so many animals that are abandoned by their mothers, and it’s so sad when you see it.  Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, caring for African elephantas, that are abandoned, and it’s so nice to see that these animals are still protected from cruel laws of nature. Some really great animal news for abandoned baby animals!

Abandoned Elephants1 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

1. Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, protect elephant Shukur from rain and cold here so here is improvised raincoat.

Abandoned Elephants2 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

2. During a morning walk elephant older fall to the ground, inviting friends to play junior.

Abandoned Elephants3 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

3. Elephant Vasin two weeks old.

Abandoned Elephants4 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

4. Every three hours elephants are fed a special milk substitutes, whose composition has been developed over decades.

Abandoned Elephants5 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

5. Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, during an evening stroll. In 1987, Sheldrick was the first who came out left without a mother African elephant.

Abandoned Elephants6 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

6. Elephants in Tsavo National Park in the mountains Mitumba.

Abandoned Elephants7 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

7. Elephants in mud baths in Tsavo National Park. Mud baths are extremely important for these animals, because they help protect them from overheating and to cleanse the skin from parasites.

Abandoned Elephants81 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

8. Emily – the orphaned baby elephant who lives now in a herd of 22 of these comrades in misfortune. Poachers injured her arm in the rear leg, and veterinarians have the necessary assistance to elephant.

Abandoned Elephants9 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

9. Emily is now 17 years old and she is the head of his flock. The photo next to it – Joseph Sauna, the veterinarian who removed the jammed her foot into an arrow. Sauna tells us that elephants are often reared in captivity, but was later released to freedom, returned to the person if they need help or to demonstrate to their young.

Abandoned Elephants10 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

10. This two-year baby elephant died soon after fell into the support center named David Sheldrick elephant calves. Elephants are hard to adapt to captivity, being away from family, says the center staff member Angela Sheldrick.

Abandoned Elephants11 Shelter For Abandoned Elephants