Exhibition Tyrannosaur

Exhibition Ā«T. Rex EncounterĀ», which will be held in English and Spanish, will open at the Museum of History and Science in Denver on Friday, September 16. Fossil lizards, recreated with the help of robotics in the form of interactive models in natural size, include a model of a giant Tyrannosaurus rex named “Sue”, 42 feet long and 12 feet in height. The exhibition will run until January 8, 2012.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur1 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

1. One of the exhibits.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur2 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

2. Founder and chief engineer KumoTek Matthew Fisher. KumoTek – the company produced models of dinosaurs. “We tried to make them as close to real, intelligent enough to interact with people,” says Fisher.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur3 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

3. Programmer company KumoTek Masashiro Ishida at work.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur4 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

4. Manager, Sean KumoTek Seyker corrects skin the dinosaur, made of latex with silicone.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur5 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

5. Manager, Sean Baker KumoTek at work.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur7 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

6. Programmer company KumoTek Masashiro Ishida is responsible for programming the behavior of giant models.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur8 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

7. Programmer Masahiro Ishida KumoTek company.

Exhibition Tyrannosaur9 Exhibition Tyrannosaur

8. Rob Dzhurado completes work on a model of a giant Tyrannosaurus rex.