Adorable Animals By Sandra Schürmans

From a series of photos by an amazing artist and photographer Sandra Schürmans, we are getting a new collection, that we’d like to name Spring Animals. She is an excellent photographer, and she has a lots of amazing photos behind her, so, this round of an wonderful animal photos, are no surprise. Take a look, […]

Adorable Baby Animals

There is no way animals can’t be cute, they are just super cute! Most of the people will agree. And now, try to imagine their little babies, who are more sweeter and just so adorable! Some photos of these adorable babies with their moms are really hard to take, but these photographers who took these […]

World’s Strangest Animals

There are so many different kinds of animals, that no one knows the exact number. So far, people have discovered very big number of them, but, so many animals has left to be a puzzle. Here is some really strange and bizarre animals, that i bet you never seen before. If you did, take a […]

Exhibition Tyrannosaur

Exhibition «T. Rex Encounter», which will be held in English and Spanish, will open at the Museum of History and Science in Denver on Friday, September 16. Fossil lizards, recreated with the help of robotics in the form of interactive models in natural size, include a model of a giant Tyrannosaurus rex named “Sue”, 42 […]

Saving Elephant

This elephant has climbed to swim in the pool, but was unable to escape. Because the walls of the pool were too high. People had unsuccessfully tried to get it until it’s exhausted. So they decided to break down some walls with an excavator to make it lower. That helped. Poor elephant… Glad everything went […]

Among The Giants: The Life Of A Whale

The researcher and wildlife photographer Charles “Flip” Nicklin spent 30 years doing documenting the behavior of whales. 62-year-old native of Alaska, has just published a new book called “Among Giants: The Life of a whale.” He said: “The southern right whales have this strange habit – for some time tail sticking out of the water […]

Sharing Cage With The Lion

Not only is the owner of a mini-zoo Ukrainian wants to move into the cell with the lioness, because he still plans to stay with her for a long time. Alexander Pylyshenko, who for 40 years, wants to get into the Guinness Book of Records, having spent five weeks side by side with the animal. […]

Kittens Portrait Photos

A kitten is a juvenile domesticated cat. The young of big cats are called cubs rather than kittens. Either term may be used for the young of smaller wild felids such as ocelots, caracals, and lynx, but “kitten” is usually more common for these species. A feline litter usually consists of two to five kittens. […]

These Cute Kittens

Beautiful pictures from Miriam Almazroui. Miriam is an amazing artist from UAE – Alia Bin Drai. These kittens photos are just amazing, and it just melts your heart. If you are a cat lover, this should be wonderful kittens news from this wonderful young photographer. Take a look and enjoy in these amazing cat photos! […]

Gift For A Loved Pet

It looks like the owner of this doggie loves it very much and doesn’t hesitate to make lots of efforts for his pet. Well, apparently the dog liked the gift a lot. I think it really sweet to do something like that, because, it’s not really nice for dogs to sleep outside with no room […]

Wonderful Animal Portraits By Steve Hoskins

Having worked on ad campaigns for Pedigree, Purina and Whiskas, British photographer Steve Hoskins knows a thing or two about taking pictures of our furriest friends. Diving deeper into his work, we find stunningly clear photos of animals big and small, creepy and cuddly. With an eye for detail, Hoskins portrays these animals in both […]