Adorable Baby Animals

There is no way animals can’t be cute, they are just super cute! Most of the people will agree. And now, try to imagine their little babies, who are more sweeter and just so adorable! Some photos of these adorable babies with their moms are really hard to take, but these photographers who took these […]

Newborn Baby Animals

In zoos around the world are born cute cubs. And they are adorable! Take a closer look. 1. In a zoo in St. Louis on Jan. 14 was born black rhino calf at parents – mom Katie and dad Ayyabu Rhine. 55-pound baby eats well, my mother takes care of him well. This is the […]

Cute Baby Animals

This small devoted cubs – cubs, pigs, foxes and other no less cute animals. 1. This six-week tiger cub was born on March 8, 2010 in Serengeti0parke in Hodenhagen. Unfortunately, my parents abandoned him and his brothers and sisters. But do not worry, they grow zoo keeper. (Nigel Treblin, AFP / Getty Images). 2. Meet […]