Boy With Reptiles

Greg Parker – the owner of a small zoo Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia. His year-old son Charlie loves animals. Surprising is that the child chose his friends boa Pablo.   1. Charlie Parker called the youngest Ranger Australia. He – one of the most famous children in Australia. Soon, he can safely compete in popularity with his daughter […]

The Animals Of The Arctic

Today, we are offering you a great selection of the National Geographic mahazine photos of the fauna world in Artic. A. Atlantic deadlock. Most of the life of Atlantic puffins spend at sea. They return to the landonly for nesting and breeding chicks in the spring and summer. 2. Polar Bear. This charming polar bear cub was born just three months ago. No he is not afraid of the cold – in fact next to the warm side of mother! 3. Short-tailed Skua Arctic. These birds are hunted “piracy” – most of the food they take […]

Animals In Nature

These are a collection of some best animals. They seem perfectly normal other than the fact that they have glory for the best animals. I have heard that many of these famous animals lead perfectly normal lives Cats is similar in anatomy to the other felids, with strong, flexible bodies, fast reflex, sharp retractable claws. […]