Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

In all animals, pictures of which you’ll see in our present collection, there are two things in common: firstly, they are absolutely adorable, and secondly, they can really ruin your mood. Because, believe it or not, but they can be very dangerous.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 1 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

What’s adorable, is not it? But do not trust this misleading touching! In fact, before you one of the few venomous mammals that inhabit our planet. If Lori would think that you represent for him a potential danger, he starts to produce a special toxin that enters through the salivary glands in its saliva. So, first of all, you even think of this adorable bite, the bite is very painful. And secondly, we know that at least one person died from the bite of Laurie, because of the resulting anaphylactic shock.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 2 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Deer. No, we do not now try to live up to the inhuman hunters who left an orphan Bambi’s charming. But the fact is that these hunters, in fact, was a reason to stay alert. Do you know what a mammal is considered the most dangerous in North America – of course, after the man? Do not believe it, but it is a mammal – white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer killed hundreds of people each year! Do you know how? The fact is that these animals are often the cause of serious accidents! It is that the deer out on the highway and freeze in the middle of the roadway, blinded by headlights. Of course, few drivers will be glad sudden obstructions in front of his car. Sami And most importantly, we can not be sure that all of this – not the very same Bambi revenge for his orphaned childhood. The joke, of course.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 3 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Horses and ponies.
Experts estimate that about 30 million people ride on horseback (horses, mules, ponies, etc.) each year. There are, however, and other statistics – riding results in 50,000 hospital visits each year. In other words, for every 600 trips on horseback have an average of one accident. Therefore, we strongly recommend that those parents who are serious about that after the birth of their baby a ride on a horse or pony, to consider the possibility of other entertainment options. We assure you, fireworks and other traditional attractions will be far less traumatic!

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 4 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Puffer, or fish-dog. It seems that this thick-lipped creature with bulging eyes is different elevated friendliness. But do not kid yourself – in fact, puffer takes second place among the most poisonous vertebrate on the planet (the most dangerous vertebrates is golden frog), poison paralyzes the diaphragm tetraodontidae, causing death.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 5 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Sea turtles.
The famous cartoon “Finding Nemo” has created a myth about the increased friendliness and accommodating sea turtles. Do you think that the creation of a just want to surf and sea space to live in peace with the world? And that’s not true. Because adult male sea turtles can weigh up to 200kilogrammov There are cases where famished sea turtles have attacked divers. For example, this happened to Brian Bowen in the spring of 2007, when he dived off the coast of Australia. Sea Turtle attacked him and almost crushed by its weight, pressed to the surface of an underwater reef.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 6 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Although these animals may look like a defective toy from a set of “Nappy Meal”, one of those that beg our children during a visit to McDonalds, on its hind legs in the male platypus has spines that secrete a poison in large doses. He is not only dangerous in itself, but also and in addition has the property to increase sensitivity to pain – so that any victim of the platypus, even a little, the pain will be taken choen sharply for several months.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 7 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Alluring naughty monkey, such as crumbs, Capuchins, in ohotku staschat zazevavshegosya a tourist car keys or hurl your own scraps. Besides, the monkeys are so closely connected with people that they can easily transmit diseases such as hepatitis C, through a bite.

Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals 8 Best Photos Of Dangerous Animals

Domestic cats.
It turns out that cats can cause insanity. No, not metaphorically, but in the fact that neither is literal. As it turned out, the cat, along with the feces isolated parasites (called Toxoplasma gondii). These parasites, like say doctors, are particularly dangerous for pregnant women. If there is a parasite gets into the body of pregnant women, it can be transmitted to the fetus and cause of serious brain damage or even death. In addition, scientists have recently suggested that over time, the parasite could undermine the mental health of the owners of cats.