How Do Polar Bears Live

We offer a selection of photos devoted to how to live these amazing animals that were able to adapt to the harsh conditions of their habitat. Polar Bear, the Latin name of which sounds like Ursus maritimus, which translates as “sea bear”, lives mainly in the polar regions in the northern hemisphere. It is the largest land mammals representative of the order of predators and the largest of all existing on the earth bears. The second title he shares with the brown bear, which is roughly the same size.

How Do Polar Bears Live 1 How Do Polar Bears LivePolar bear on an ice floe at sea off the coast of Labrador in Canada. Polar bears can not survive without ice. Melting ice threatens the existence of this species. Ice cover regulates the life cycle – allows you to reproduce and raise young, to hunt seals and move from place to place.

How Do Polar Bears Live 2 How Do Polar Bears LiveAlthough most polar bears are born on land, much of their life is in the sea. No wonder their name translates from Latin as “Sea Bear”. Zone of the polar bear habitat is ice on the waters off the continental shelf and the Arctic archipelago. Most polar bears are moving to coastal areas where they have an opportunity to hunt seals, whose meat is the main part of their diet.

How Do Polar Bears Live 3 How Do Polar Bears Live

The polar bear is the most predatory of all the members of the family bear. The bulk of its diet is the meat of different species of seals, including ringed seals and sea birds. In addition, the diet of polar bear meat can include walruses and other marine animals, carrion, dead fish, eggs and chicks, as the polar bear can eat grass and seaweed, the meat of whales. Competition for this “product range” they make the grizzly bears.

How Do Polar Bears Live 4 How Do Polar Bears Live

Unlike grizzly bears, polar bears are not territorial animals. Most often, adult polar bears are solitary. However, researchers often seen as polar bears can spend hours playing with each other and even sleep almost “hugging”, huddled close to each other. To date, scientists have the opinion that between the male polar bears may be even a relationship resembling friendship.

How Do Polar Bears Live 5 How Do Polar Bears LiveWhite polar bear has a very keen sense of smell that allows him to find a seal at a distance of nearly a mile and was buried under three feet (a meter) of snow. Hearing the polar bear is almost the same as sharp as a man and his vision is also distinguished by its extreme severity, which allows him to notice prey at greater distances. The polar bear is an excellent swimmer, and individuals of this species, scientists have found in the open waters of the Arctic, 200 miles from land. Thanks to the fat tissue, which gives it buoyancy and helps keep the water, the polar bear is able to travel long distances. He swims like a dog, raking in huge front paws. Polar bears can travel a considerable distance in the water at speeds of up to six miles per hour and travel by land at a rate of about 3.5 miles per hour. When running, they can reach speeds of up to 25mil per hour.

How Do Polar Bears Live 6 How Do Polar Bears Live

When the fall of ice begin to thaw, denying the possibility of polar bears hunting, each pregnant female polar bear digs a den, which consists of a narrow tunnel in which the females give birth to cubs. In the period from November to February, cubs are born. They are born blind, covered with a light podpushkoy and weighing less than 900 grams .. On average, each litter has two cubs. Females with cubs in the den is available from mid February to mid April, with the mother, feeding baby milk rich in fat. By that time, when the mother is selected from the den, her cubs weigh from 10 to 15 kg.

How Do Polar Bears Live 7 How Do Polar Bears LiveIn 2008, the World Organization for Conservation of Nature reported that the population of polar bears is 20,000 to 25,000 individuals, and its strength is reduced primarily because of climate change. In the picture – a young (maybe a year older), the polar bear scientists interested in the activities of one of the Arctic stations. As a result, the cub and his mother was forced to prematurely abort the scientists, when the Bears appeared on the ship which was moored to the ice floe.

How Do Polar Bears Live 8 How Do Polar Bears Live

The main danger posed to polar bears, climate change is due to malnutrition or hunger habitual destruction of habitat. Polar bears hunt for seals, being on the ice block. An increase in temperature leads to the fact that the sea ice begins to melt at the beginning of the year, prompting the bears get out on the beach before they have accumulated sufficient fat reserves to survive the period of a lack of diet in late summer and early autumn. Reduced sea ice cover also makes the bears to swim longer distances to overcome, and sometimes leads to the fact that the bears are drowning, vybivshis exhausted.

How Do Polar Bears Live 9 How Do Polar Bears LiveIn the summer months, tourism is thriving – Hundreds of tourists owls of this world want to look at polar bears in their natural habitat. One of their companies, specializing in tourist trips to the Arctic, offers a tour under the motto: “Hasten to take a look at polar bears, until they became extinct.”

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