Very Exotic Pets

Yeah, these pets Barsik Tuzikov and can not be called. In a pinch, or Simba Dumbo because it is the most that neither is the wild animals – tigers, lions, bobcats, and elephants. Photographer David White paid a few visits to the house, where instead of the usual dogs and cats as pets live tigers and cougars.

Exotic Pets1 Very Exotic Pets

“It was surreal, but absolutely perfect – says 40-year-old photographer from Bristol. – Sometimes I did not like it. But I’m a photographer, I’m just an observer, I have no point of view, let the readers judge …. “In the photo: Patty Turner cheetah with Kira in the room for the cheetah in Indianapolis, Indiana. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets2 Very Exotic Pets

Anna Studer and his lioness, nicknamed Shahzara, which means “queen of queens” on the sofa at his home in Tell City, Indiana. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets3 Very Exotic Pets

“Imagine you go in the house and down the stairs to meet you … lion escapes. It’s pretty scary. But fear not show in any case impossible. “Anna Studer combs his lion in Tell City Shahzara, Indiana. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets4 Very Exotic Pets

According to a national survey of owners of pets in 2007, approximately 18.2 million were exotic animals in private possession of Americans. Since then the number is constantly growing. In the photo: Cherie Feker and her husband, 41, Denniz look at the protein from the living room of his house with his pet Puma named Maya. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets5 Very Exotic Pets

If, according to WWF, in nature there are only 3200 tigers, it is estimated that the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, in captivity there are about 12 000, including privately owned as pets. In the picture: Steve and Cheryl Khan got himself a white tiger named benaglskogo Sessi in their pool in Indiana. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets6 Very Exotic Pets

24 states have banned residents start of exotic animals as pets. And in some states, no such laws. Buy these animals is quite easy – on ads, auctions and from private owners. In the picture: a 45-year-old Victoria Vindland kisses his 4-year-old Siberian tiger Tamm in Summerfield, Florida. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets7 Very Exotic Pets

But according to groups of animal rights (for example, «Born Free USA») of these animals – lions, tigers, cougars, wolves, bears, monkeys, alligators and poisonous snakes – are very dangerous for their owners. Do not forget that the wild animals, their nature unpredictable, they can not be tamed to the end. In the picture: Victoria Vinland hugs Mikko – 5-year-old cougar. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets8 Very Exotic Pets

In some states, people can keep wild animals without any restrictions. In the photo: Camille Christie Barber kiss my white wolf Louise in New England. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets9 Very Exotic Pets

David watched the good treatment of animals. “Owners are looking good for them” – he says. In the picture: the Gini Valbuena embraces its three chimpanzees Noah, Florida. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Exotic Pets10 Very Exotic Pets

“During the visit, I was not afraid. Do big cats claws trimmed. Some sawn tusks. “In the photo: Amanda Sorgue home in Fort Wayne in Texas with his half-year-male Cougar named Austin. (DAVID WHITE / BARCROFT MEDIA)