The Little Hippo At The Zoo In Berlin

Hippos are really adorable animals. Berlin zoo had a new hippo member, and it’s adorable! The baby was born October 23, 2011. Hope you love hippos, cuz if you do, you will love these hippo photos! Take a look and enjoy in this wonderful zoo animal!  

Shelter For Abandoned Elephants

  There are so many animals that are abandoned by their mothers, and it’s so sad when you see it.  Staff Support Center elephants named David Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya, caring for African elephantas, that are abandoned, and it’s so nice to see that these animals are still protected from cruel laws of nature. Some […]

Amazing Underwater Zoo Creatures

Limbe Strait – underwater zoo amazing creatures about. Sulawesi, Indonesia (Lembeh Strait – Underwater critter zoo, Indonesia) For divers, Indonesia – a kind of a unique region. That greater number of resorts and safari vessels, routes and areas for diving in no region of the world, it is understandable, the largest archipelago, and even the […]

Best Photos of National Geographic in July

National Geographic is one of the kind for sure. You cannot beat that. They always had amazing animal photos, awesome animal news, and everything you wanna know about the nature and animals. So, that is a reason we selected the best National Geographic for July. Hope you are going to love it. Enjoy Elephants, Kenya. […]