The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

These underwater photos are absolutely unique – in fact, it’s negatives. British photographer, 54-tnyaya Vittoria Amati, had transformed their photos with the help of computer software. These photos were taken at a depth of 30 meters in the waters of Bunaken Marine Park, the northern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia. They were sealed fish, corals and crabs.

Coral Reefs1 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

1. Mullet fish.

Coral Reefs2 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

2. In the photo: starfish (Gomophia watsoni)).

Coral Reefs3 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

3. Vittoria turned the negatives into all 45 of his photographs depicting the inhabitants of the underwater depths (in the photo – a fish-Cardinal).

Coral Reefs4 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

4. Vittoria said, “I accidentally made ??the film one of the pictures and I really liked it. These photos excite the imagination. I like the first time saw their own pictures. “(In the photo – sea anemone).

Coral Reefs5 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

5. “I first processed image with the help of special software, and then worked with the colors, layer by layer. The main thing – to ensure that the photo looked natural. If viewers are accustomed to the fact that coral red, then in my pictures they are gay. Unusual. “(The photos – fish Pseudomonacanthus macrurus).

Coral Reefs6 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

6. “When I first went to underwater photography, I did not immediately started to get decent photos,” says Vittoria. (In the photo – Echinothrix calamaris).

Coral Reefs7 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

7. Red coral and deep sea dweller.

Coral Reefs8 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

8. Most of the photos taken during the daytime, but some of them were made at night, because many marine species are under cover of darkness is much bolder and more active. (In the photo – the representative sameystva Nembrotha).

Coral Reefs9 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

9. “Scuba diving – it’s just amazing, the sea depths conceal extraordinary beauty.” (The photograph – coral grouper).

Coral Reefs10 The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

10. “My goal – to show people how beautiful the underwater world and all its inhabitants, even the small and inconspicuous. The sea is not just a dwelling place of large fish and mammals such as whales, sharks or dolphins. The sea – this is above all an amazing variety of living organisms “(In the photo – sea urchins Diademasavignyi).





Revival Of The Phoenix

The archipelago of the Phoenix – a reflection of the ocean for a thousand years ago, and then what they will be a thousand years. And after the sharp reefs of the Archipelago obmelchaniya Phoenix bounce back. The first sign of recovery Reef – coral pink algae. They form the foundation on which new coral can grow.

Phoenix1 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix2 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix3 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix4 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix5 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix6 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix7 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix8 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix9 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix10 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix11 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix12 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix13 Revival Of The Phoenix

Phoenix14 Revival Of The Phoenix