7 Funny Animal Fails

Reader Danielle wrote to us to tell this isn’t necessarily a fail. The ad says “listen to your nose” in German, and those ads were made to be scented so dogs (notice they are at dog height) would go up to them and smell them.

Cougar Declared Extinct In Eastern United States

The eastern cougar has just been declared extinct. The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has recommended that it be taken off the endangered list as no extinct species should appear on it. This beautiful, tawny colored cat is also known as a catamount, puma or mountain lion. Last seen in 1930, all other sightings have […]

Amazing Snapshots Of Wildlife Caught On Camera Traps

Most of the animals scientists want to learn about in the wild aren’t going to come when called or stand still. So, researchers rely on camera traps, cameras with motion sensors that take the picture as the animal passes by. It is quite literally candid camera for wildlife. The Smithsonian has put together a magnificent […]

These Cute And Funny Animals

You mayhap stormed to discover what the big top three fastest creatures in nature is. Weird nature is less earthly than you call back. Check into this video and assure the three most immobile weird nature animals is. The video below proves once and for all that humans really are the fastest mammals on Earth. […]

Post-It Notes For Neighbors

It’s a question every New Yorker wonders: how much are my neighbors paying for their apartments? Post-it Notes for Neighbors is an interactive installation that helps demystify the topic by inviting people to anonymously share information about their living situation. Inspired by Illegal Art’s To Do, I covered a Brooklyn storefront window with Post-it notes […]