Santa’s Little Helpers

Just as the elves help Santa, our pets help us get through the day sometimes.  Here are seven photos of pets in elves outfits or other costumes, helping us smile amidst the often hectic holidays.
Santas Little Helpers1 Santa’s Little Helpers
This is Ralph dressed as a Christmas elf. He is almost 4 years old and is a Westie X Maltese Terrier. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his family. He loves cheese and chicken for a treat.
Santas Little Helpers2 Santa’s Little Helpers
Minnie is a Singapura, and she’s super affectionate and small — 7 pounds. She loves to climb high on bookcases and has beautiful big eyes and ears, all typical of her breed. In fact, she’s so affectionate, her family jokes they should have called her Velcro. The big green pillow bed and the cat perch in front of the front window are Minnie’s two favorite places to hang out.
Santas Little Helpers3 Santa’s Little Helpers
Sophie and Maggie stick their tongues out at the camera.
Santas Little Helpers4 Santa’s Little Helpers
Duke’s owner Gabriella dressed him in his traditional Santa suit. As you can see from his look, Duke does not like to be Santa. He is disdainful of such an embarrassing costume and his expression tells it all!
Santas Little Helpers5 Santa’s Little Helpers
Namira, female grey and black tabby who lets her family dress her up on Christmas Day for a few minutes. Namira is 15 and likes people food more than cat food. She has been known to eat pasta and even raw tomatoes. She will lick any plate clean. She loves warm places, warm laps, and lots of food. 

Santas Little Helpers6 Santa’s Little Helpers

Tim is a rescue and a runaway who was very fearful. After four years he finally learned to trust his new family and love them. He now craves love, something he never had until he was rescued. Here he is on Christmas so relaxed on his owner’s knee and just ‘chillin’ and enjoying Christmas eve. He is from Camarillo, California. 

Santas Little Helpers7 Santa’s Little Helpers

Spud Lee is the oldest dog in the pack. He is 17 years old and was rescued from KY, when he was a pup. He is a Bull Terrier-Border Collie mix and is the most gentle, cool, clever and laid back guy. Spud Lee can tell you everything with just a look…in this picture you can see he is saying, “Hey, Mom! Must you keep taking my picture??”