7 Funny Animal Fails

Reader Danielle wrote to us to tell this isn’t necessarily a fail. The ad says “listen to your nose” in German, and those ads were made to be scented so dogs (notice they are at dog height) would go up to them and smell them.

Cougar Declared Extinct In Eastern United States

The eastern cougar has just been declared extinct. The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has recommended that it be taken off the endangered list as no extinct species should appear on it. This beautiful, tawny colored cat is also known as a catamount, puma or mountain lion. Last seen in 1930, all other sightings have […]

Amazing Snapshots Of Wildlife Caught On Camera Traps

Most of the animals scientists want to learn about in the wild aren’t going to come when called or stand still. So, researchers rely on camera traps, cameras with motion sensors that take the picture as the animal passes by. It is quite literally candid camera for wildlife. The Smithsonian has put together a magnificent […]

These Cute And Funny Animals

You mayhap stormed to discover what the big top three fastest creatures in nature is. Weird nature is less earthly than you call back. Check into this video and assure the three most immobile weird nature animals is. The video below proves once and for all that humans really are the fastest mammals on Earth. […]

Post-It Notes For Neighbors

It’s a question every New Yorker wonders: how much are my neighbors paying for their apartments? Post-it Notes for Neighbors is an interactive installation that helps demystify the topic by inviting people to anonymously share information about their living situation. Inspired by Illegal Art’s To Do, I covered a Brooklyn storefront window with Post-it notes […]

7 Amazing Amphibians

Amphibians are the beautiful residents of Mother Nature’s wildlife garden. They have adapted to living both in the water and on land. A great supporter of environmental health, amphibians play the roles of both predator and the prey. These friendly creatures are the earliest known tetrapods. Let us meet some of these amazing amphibians. The […]

Morning In The Forest

Morning … All the inhabitants of the forest are slowly after a night’s sleep and slowly moving into a new day … Let’s look at these beautiful insects, broadcast magical dew … very relaxing photo …

Exotic Pets

Yeah, these pets Barsik Tuzikov and can not be called. In extreme cases, Simba, or Dumbo, because it is the most that neither is on wild animals – tigers, lions, bobcats and elephants. Photographer David White paid a few visits to the house, where instead of the usual dogs and cats as pets live tigers […]

Eyed Quiz

We have already suggested you to enjoy the beautiful photographs of our little brother’s eye . At this time we decided to offer you not only enjoy the beautiful photographs, but also to try to guess who owns these incredible eyes. Answers will be published later in the same post.  

Miracles From The Backyard

Collected here are photos taken in the backyards of homes. Comments photographers. 1. Hummingbird at the feeder in Los Gatos, California, USA. Comment photographer Munir Qureshi: “The more you peers, the more you see. I love to photograph a hummingbird, and every time I try to capture them in a new light. When my feeder […]

All Cat Breeds

Decided to get a cat? In a world of so many species, which sometimes do not know what I choose. Here’s a brief guide to the most popular of them. Which breed would you choose, remember that all cats are good in their own way. Even the basement courtyard, which also needs a home and […]

Positive Selection Of Funny Fowl

Excellent positive selection. Fowl is a word for birds in general but usually refers to birds belonging to one of two biological orders, namely the gamefowl or landfowl (Galliformes) and the waterfowl. Studies of anatomical and molecular similarities suggest these two groups are close evolutionary relatives; together, they form the fowl clade which is scientifically […]

Heterochromia In Animals

Heterochromia – a different color in the color of the iris. Heterochromia is not limited to people, but our younger brothers. Usually with one eye is always blue. The most striking example of heterochromia in animals – a dog breed huskies.  

Puppy Mill

Puppy mill – the so-called kennels, where they make a bet for a big profit from selling as many puppies. Unfortunately, often in such nurseries conditions the dogs are not the most favorable. Bill Smith – founder of the Center for Animal Welfare in Pennsylvania – is struggling for the appearance of a hard law […]


This breed of cat does not leave anyone indifferent. In someone she is disgusted at someone – affection, but indifference is unlikely anyone will leave. Unique, hairless, “a crease” cat Sphynx! Because of the peculiarities of metabolism, and possibly genetic predisposition sphinxes are ready to eat almost everything and in unlimited quantities. But we should […]

Long Tongue

And how do they do it! Dog named Ringo on the beach Chapin in Dennis, Massachusetts.One has only to sit on a pier in the town of Oak Bluffs, Martha Vineyard, and the dogs themselves come running to you.The day was made this picture, dog, Brewer was first floated by boat to Sandy Neck, Barnstable, […]