Newborn Baby Animals

In zoos around the world are born cute cubs. And they are adorable! Take a closer look.

Newborn Baby Animals1 Newborn Baby Animals

1. In a zoo in St. Louis on Jan. 14 was born black rhino calf at parents – mom Katie and dad Ayyabu Rhine. 55-pound baby eats well, my mother takes care of him well. This is the first black rhino calf born at the zoo in St. Louis over the past 20 years. In total, the zoo was born Aug. rhinos. Black rhino suffered the sharpest decline in the abundance of all species of rhinoceroses. In 1970, Africa was 65 000 individuals. By 1993, there are only 2,300 individuals. Black Rhino – a valuable prey for poachers, as in many Asian countries, rhino horn is widely used in traditional medicine. (UPI / Saint Louis Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals2 Newborn Baby Animals

2. Two-week giraffe enclosure at the zoo in St. Louis on Sept. 24, 2010. This calf weighing 61 kg and 1,83 m increase was the seventh pup for my mother Susan and father of Dexter. Giraffe – the tallest of all living beings on earth. Females reach 4,2 – 4,8 meters, and a male – 4,8-5,4 m (UPI / Bill Greenblatt)

Newborn Baby Animals3 Newborn Baby Animals

3. Rabbit owl chicks in the national zoo in Washington on Aug. 18, 2010. (UPI / Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals4 Newborn Baby Animals

4. Red panda cub in a few seconds after birth at the zoo in Washington June 16, 2010. Mama Shama gave birth to a cub – the first zoo in the last 15 years. (UPI / Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals5 Newborn Baby Animals

5. Cubs Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were born in May and June, with their mothers in the water park in Vallejo, Calif., July 2, 2010. The first male born May 23, 23-year-old mother Jasmine, a second male was born June 7 from 30-year-old mother of Chelsea. (UPI / Ken James)

Newborn Baby Animals6 Newborn Baby Animals

6. Newborn langur, born March 18, at the zoo Chicago March 24, 2010. (UPI / John Kortas / Lincoln Park Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals7 Newborn Baby Animals

7. Cub anteater named Cyrano on the back of her mom Maripov May 7, 2009 at the zoo in Washington. (UPI / Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals8 Newborn Baby Animals

8. Bactrian cub born at the zoo in St. Louis March 11, 2010. This rare species is found in Mongolia. (UPI / Chuck Mannis / St. Louis Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals9 Newborn Baby Animals

9. This clouded leopard cub was born on February 14, 2010 at the zoo Front Royal, Virginia. (UPI / Mehgan Murphy / Smithsonian ‘s National Zoo)

Newborn Baby Animals10 Newborn Baby Animals

10. White tiger cub at the zoo in Santiago, Chile, January 7, 2010. (UPI / Javier Vald├ęs)