Dogs And Frisbee

Photographer Trevor Gregg made ??an amusing series of photos of dogs catching frisbee. Pictures were taken at the dog show, catching flying discs at the annual Bowserfest in Dunedin, Florida. Some dogs can jump 6 feet in height and land on his feet like a cat.

Adorable Baby Animals

There is no way animals can’t be cute, they are just super cute! Most of the people will agree. And now, try to imagine their little babies, who are more sweeter and just so adorable! Some photos of these adorable babies with their moms are really hard to take, but these photographers who took these […]

Exhibition Tyrannosaur

Exhibition «T. Rex Encounter», which will be held in English and Spanish, will open at the Museum of History and Science in Denver on Friday, September 16. Fossil lizards, recreated with the help of robotics in the form of interactive models in natural size, include a model of a giant Tyrannosaurus rex named “Sue”, 42 […]

Bird Park In Bali

Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and […]

Animal World Through National Geographic

The National Geographic Society (NGS), headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the United States, is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of world culture and history. The National Geographic Society’s logo is […]

Kittens Portrait Photos

A kitten is a juvenile domesticated cat. The young of big cats are called cubs rather than kittens. Either term may be used for the young of smaller wild felids such as ocelots, caracals, and lynx, but “kitten” is usually more common for these species. A feline litter usually consists of two to five kittens. […]

Amazing Underwater Zoo Creatures

Limbe Strait – underwater zoo amazing creatures about. Sulawesi, Indonesia (Lembeh Strait – Underwater critter zoo, Indonesia) For divers, Indonesia – a kind of a unique region. That greater number of resorts and safari vessels, routes and areas for diving in no region of the world, it is understandable, the largest archipelago, and even the […]

These Cute Kittens

Beautiful pictures from Miriam Almazroui. Miriam is an amazing artist from UAE – Alia Bin Drai. These kittens photos are just amazing, and it just melts your heart. If you are a cat lover, this should be wonderful kittens news from this wonderful young photographer. Take a look and enjoy in these amazing cat photos! […]

Animal Life In Photos

Once again, we offer you a selection of the most unusual, interesting and funny photos of animals from around the world. You will see various members of the family of big cats that are rescued from the heat, cute pandas, a turtle with a prosthesis, as well as many other interesting animals. Hope you are […]

Friendly Kittens

Cats can be really pets, but most of the people think they just love to spend time with people, other cats, or just chasing something, like their tails. Kitties loves to spend time with bunnies, dogs, and lots of other animals. So, this is really interesting cat news for someone that didn’t knew that. These […]

The Riddle Of The Day

How do you think, is it real or is it a plush toy? The answer is inside the post. It is a Pomeranian dog or more humourously, Pom Pom and yeah, it is real xD