Top 13 Largest Animals In The World

Our world is truly amazing. He is full of creatures big and small, low and high. Today we offer you a selection of extraordinarily interesting. There are pictures of the fifteen largest animal in the world, broken down into different categories, such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, etc. Some of these animals are the real […]

Crazy Cat Breading

Crazy cat breading is very strange, but little funny. This cats are some of the Best Pets photos on internet.  Cat breading is the process of cutting a hole in a piece of bread, and then slipping it onto the face of your cat.  

Adorable Animals By Sandra Schürmans

From a series of photos by an amazing artist and photographer Sandra Schürmans, we are getting a new collection, that we’d like to name Spring Animals. She is an excellent photographer, and she has a lots of amazing photos behind her, so, this round of an wonderful animal photos, are no surprise. Take a look, […]

Life On The Saguaro Cactus

The appearance of exotic Saguaro known to many – it is the emblem of a huge cactus of Arizona. In the desert of Sonora, this cactus – the largest living creature. He towers over all, he has no equal. Saguaro grows to a height of trees is 13, sometimes 15 meters. But to grow so […]

Dogs And Frisbee

Photographer Trevor Gregg made ??an amusing series of photos of dogs catching frisbee. Pictures were taken at the dog show, catching flying discs at the annual Bowserfest in Dunedin, Florida. Some dogs can jump 6 feet in height and land on his feet like a cat.

Animal Hugs

Warm pictures of animals that will warm your soul in the winter cold evenings. Push to your sweetheart as gently as these animals in these photos. And, now we know for sure that animals can feel love, and be loved. Take a look at these wonderful animals, and enjoy!