The Worst Dogs Jobs

Listed below are the top 5 very  bad jobs for dogs. One of them is very very bad, and you will be suprised when you see what came up to be the first place. Some people will probably desagree with me on this one, but the truth is, the most of these dogs are actually  […]

White Tigers

Our selection is devoted to a very rare sight Bengal tiger – or rather, its recessive mutant – the white tiger, which occurs in Assam, Bengal and Bihar. These tigers are usually larger and more representative than their counterparts.    

Adorable Animals By Sandra Schürmans

From a series of photos by an amazing artist and photographer Sandra Schürmans, we are getting a new collection, that we’d like to name Spring Animals. She is an excellent photographer, and she has a lots of amazing photos behind her, so, this round of an wonderful animal photos, are no surprise. Take a look, […]

Dogs And Frisbee

Photographer Trevor Gregg made ??an amusing series of photos of dogs catching frisbee. Pictures were taken at the dog show, catching flying discs at the annual Bowserfest in Dunedin, Florida. Some dogs can jump 6 feet in height and land on his feet like a cat.

Amazing Starfish

Starfish are invertebrates, which are called echinoderms (and all fish are vertebrates). There are nearly 2,000 species of sea stars. The dimensions of the sea star can reach 65 cm in diameter. In the sea star disc-shaped body, to which are attached five-ray source. Starfish have the ability to grow a new limb to replace […]