Animal Life In Photos

Once again, we offer you a selection of the most unusual, interesting and funny photos of animals from around the world. You will see various members of the family of big cats that are rescued from the heat, cute pandas, a turtle with a prosthesis, as well as many other interesting animals. Hope you are going to love this animal news!

Animal Life1 Animal Life In Photos

1. This cunning of fiber seems to have seriously decided that from now on birdhouse – his private apartments. Photographer Christine Haynes made ??this photograph in his garden in Spokane, Washington. She said: “My husband and I hung on trees in the courtyard of birdhouses to attract birds. I once heard a strange noise coming from the one of the birdhouses. I decided to find out what was wrong, and found inside belchonka. I managed to grab a camera and take some photos while he squeaked, perhaps, calling my mother-squirrel. “

Animal Life2 Animal Life In Photos

2. And here is the chipmunk, which seems, decided to smoke a cigarette. The photo was taken from Joanne Evans, Manchester on one of the Canary Islands under the name of Fuerteventura. Joanna, went there to spend your vacation with boyfriend, says, “We were leaving the beach when we saw this handsome. The sight was so unusual that I began to photograph him hastily. And even managed to take some pictures, until he ran away somewhere in the bushes. “

Animal Life3 Animal Life In Photos

3. Stephanie Kavichchioli photographed this adorable squirrel, who decided to eat spaghetti in a children’s summer camp in Istanbul, where the rest of eight children of the photographer Roberto Giorgio and seven.

Animal Life4 Animal Life In Photos

4. A pair of legs – that’s all that remains of a frog that has fallen rabbit owl. This photo was taken at Cape Coral, Florida, photographer Megan Lorenz. She said: “This picture was taken in late March. This is the perfect time, when animals begin to equip and prepare the nest to the appearance of progeny. This photo was taken in the late morning, the owl has caught a frog, eaten his share and went back home, taking with him a frog’s legs – not otherwise than as gifts to her friend lives. “

Animal Life5 Animal Life In Photos

5. Yes, it’s a stray cat. Yes, it is pink. No, we do not know why. Yao Senhay of Lajoie, Gansu Province in western China, says he did not believe their eyes when they saw the animal. “At first I thought I had something with his vision, but then I realized – no, really pink cat,” he said.

Animal Life6 Animal Life In Photos

6. But these amateur photographers were lucky – they wanted to meet a cheetah in the Masai Reserve safari in Kenya Maar.

Animal Life7 Animal Life In Photos

7. Siberian tiger cub at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland.

Animal Life8 Animal Life In Photos

8. The Amur tiger is one of Helen cubs at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland.

Animal Life9 Animal Life In Photos

9. Photos of wildlife Anup Shah took a picture of a lioness, carrying a baby in his mouth, in reserve Masai Maar in Kenya.

Animal Life10 Animal Life In Photos

10. And here is another lion, incredibly dirty. Long he has to lick!

Animal Life11 Animal Life In Photos

11. Detroit zoo visitors watching the polar bear swimmers from a special submersible in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Animal Life12 Animal Life In Photos

12. Twelve-turtle with the prosthesis in the form of wheel instead of the front paws. Leg amputated due to a turtle obtained under unknown circumstances, severe burns, and the specialists College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington University decided to help the animal cope with a sudden disability.

Animal Life13 Animal Life In Photos

13. Horses who are given an amazing and good names like “Rainbow” or “Peanuts”, always attracts children. In contrast, went down in the Guinness Book of Records Tambelliny horses, whose growth is only seventeen inches (0.43 meters) and who suffers from dwarfism, all the horses at the clinic Gentle Carousel reached its maximum size.





The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

South African photographer Hannes Lochner create photography blog has spent the past two and a half years, watching the wildlife in the park Kgalagadi. Now all of his photographs are collected in the new book “Colors of the Kalahari.” This is a nice kind of photography.

1. Lioness flattened under a starry sky in the Kalahari Desert.

paint the kalahari1 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

2. “Kalahari is not like the Kruger National Park in South Africa which is rich in vegetation. This desert is dry and tough – he says. – Here, there are regions where only the strongest survive. I saw a dying adult lions and cubs because of lack of food. ” In the photo: Two young lions are coming together in the Kalahari.

paint the kalahari2 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

3. “I love the big cats – leopard, lions and cheetahs. Due to extreme temperatures, I have only one hour during the night and morning to take photographs of big cats in action. At other times, too hot, and they sleep. ” In the photo: pride of lions sleeping in the Kalahari.

paint the kalahari3 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

4. Like many photographers, animal painter, photography art, Hannes often travel great distances to get good pictures. “Photographing lions mating on the road, I lay on my stomach and I was afraid, – says the photographer. – For five nights before that I have in camp visited a male. “

paint the kalahari4 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

5. A female cheetah takes away from the lioness her cubs.

paint the kalahari5 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

6. The Lions are kicking against the backdrop of lightning in the sky.

paint the kalahari6 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

7. Two South African fox frolic in the sand.

paint the kalahari7 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

8. Lion hunting at night. You can try this photography jobs, because they are so great.

paint the kalahari8 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

9. Horned Starling shake oneself after bathing.

paint the kalahari9 The Best Pictures Of Animals In Kalahari desert

The Kalahari Desert is a large arid to semi-arid sandy area in Southern Africa extending 900,000 square kilometres, covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa, as semi-desert, with huge tracts of excellent grazing after good rains. The Kalahari Desert is the southern part of Africa, and the geography is a portion of desert and a plateau. The Kalahari supports some animals and plants because most of it is not a true desert.