Westminster Dog Show

The most well-groomed and well-bred dogs of America came to the podium of the annual Westminster Dog Show Kennel Club in 2011 at Madison Square in New York. Overall, 2626 dogs representing 179 breeds, compete for a chance to get a dubious title of winner of the Exhibition. Final Competition took place on Tuesday. At […]

Pocket Sized Pets

These photos are of a very cute little marsupial called a Sugar Glider and are from Australia. Marsupials are famous for carrying their young in pouches. Take a look how tiny the Joeys are. They are now legal to own in the United States and are the perfect size for your shirt pocket.  

Dogs Shaking Heads

I just love dogs! They are always trying to do something interesting, and that always makes me smile! Goofy faces of dogs caught in the moment. Today, they are trying to shake their heads. I think these dog photos are just amazing, but also hilarious! If you have any photos of dogs shaking heads, feel […]