The Inhabitants Of Coral Reefs

These underwater photos are absolutely unique – in fact, it’s negatives. British photographer, 54-tnyaya Vittoria Amati, had transformed their photos with the help of computer software. These photos were taken at a depth of 30 meters in the waters of Bunaken Marine Park, the northern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia. They were sealed fish, corals and […]

Revival Of The Phoenix

The archipelago of the Phoenix – a reflection of the ocean for a thousand years ago, and then what they will be a thousand years. And after the sharp reefs of the Archipelago obmelchaniya Phoenix bounce back. The first sign of recovery Reef – coral pink algae. They form the foundation on which new coral […]

Amazing Underwater Zoo Creatures

Limbe Strait – underwater zoo amazing creatures about. Sulawesi, Indonesia (Lembeh Strait – Underwater critter zoo, Indonesia) For divers, Indonesia – a kind of a unique region. That greater number of resorts and safari vessels, routes and areas for diving in no region of the world, it is understandable, the largest archipelago, and even the […]

Scary Jaws

That’s an animal you don’t want to be next to! Look at its teeth! That’s funny though because the animal in question is kinda cute and doesn’t seem dangerous at first sight… … but only at first sight, because it’s a leopard seal! This species is the top predator on Antarctic and the second biggest […]

Underwater With Paul Nicklen

This story is certainly much known, but it is worth it to write about it here. Photographer Paul Nicklen down with the camera under water, to remove one of the most fearsome predators of Antarctic sea-leopard. Paul was terrible – the leopard preys on warm-blooded vertebrates (penguins, seals) and can easily be broken into parts […]